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When Aladdin goes missing, the Abu monkey comes to rescue and begins a journey to explore the mystery land of Agrbah and find the princess. In Support there are 2323 NFT of Chapter one that add power to run, fight, jump and provide access. In the team there is Genie, another NFT guy that can be claimed in the game by achieving the lamp. This adventure game will be a Metaverse model with gaming points $ABUZ.

Let's join together to loot the AbuVerse privileges.

Chapter 1



The Abu weapon element provides access to guards, lifes, weapons and more amenities to stay in the game and loot treasures. The princess awaits to go on the flying mat with Abu. All the collected NFT elements can be traded anytime on a listed marketplace and the owner enjoys this amazing game.

Abu Boost Run
Abu Shoot Guard
Abu Fly
Abu Fight



  • Gain your NFT characters with gaming power
  • Earn $ABUZ When you hold APEABU
  • Get access to join the Abu verse game, chapter 2 with $ABUZ
  • Win free royalties and rewards on play sessions
  • Be a part of AbuVerse gaming experience

Chapter 2 - Tokenize

The $ABUZ in Power

$ABUZ is the currency of AbuVerse that powers up the whole game and NFT System

You can get $ABUZ by just holding the Chapter 1 The APEABU Genesis Collection. The $ABUZ is real money for all the players, holders and visitors to claim, buy or withdraw.

With $ABUZ in your wallet you can buy more drops and upgrades.

Chapter 3 - The AbuVerse

Game in Action

Use your collection of APEABU NFT, powers and upgrades to rock the game.

The metaverse is built for our hero “Abu” and his buddies Genie and the Mat.

The Game ends when Abu finds the Princess in final stage and the journey includes grabbing treasures, $ABUZ and the Lamp to call genie.


ApeAbu are totally 2323 collections of 10 different powers of Abu character that is in the Upcoming game of AbuVerse

No Presale, No Whitelist, The ApeAbu NFT's will be live for minting directly on Opensea, you can simply connect wallet and buy your stuff.

When you hold ApeAbu NFT you get access to different powers, tools and weapons that are required to loot the treasure and complete the game.

All the Collection of ApeAbu will be listed on OpenSea primarily, it may change as per the listing demands and situations.

$ABUZ is the local currency and gaming points of AbuVerse. You can yield $ABUZ when you hold APEABU NFT's

Chapter 2 is the $ABUZ launch which will be done in May as of minting is completed. The Chapter 3 is AbuVerse Game, the same is in to development and be launch ready by May -June 2022

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